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Information Connections
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General Resources

Calculating Body Mass Index
KidsHealth, Nemours Foundation
The site provides calculator for body mass index (BM) for children and teens between 2 and 20 years old.

Disability and Nutrition
Nutrition tips for people with disabilities by diagnoses and health condition.

Explore the Food Guide Pyramid (Parent Interactive)
KidsHealth, Nemours Foundation
Helps learn about different groups of food.
This site is available in Spanish.

Nutrition and Healthy Eating
Mayo Clinic
This site provides nutrition basics. It helps to understand the food groups and become more aware of calories and the roles that specific nutrients play in a healthy diet.

Nutrition and Recipes
FOD (Fatty Oxidation Disorders) Family Support Group

Parent Food Guide Pyramid (printable)
KidsHealth, Nemours Foundation

Providing Nutrition Services for People with Developmental Disabilities and Special Health Care Needs
Position statement from the American Dietetic Association.

USDA Resource on Nutrition and Disability
Find information, tools and resources useful in providing nutrition education to individuals living with mental and physical disabilities.



Essential Nutrition & Diet for Autism
Nourishing Hope
The Nourishing Hope team is a dedicated group of diverse professionals who have come together to proactively help children and their families who are living with autism.

GFCF Diet Intervention - Autism Diet
The gluten free - casein free (GFCF) Diet Support Group
Dietary intervention to treat autism.

Nutritional & Biomedical Support for Children with Autism
Autism Nutrition
Autism Nutrition aims to be the resource Web site for parents of autistic children, as well as doctors and health care professionals, who wish to learn more about diet, nutrition, nutritional supplements and other factors that can reverse or at least mitigate the onset of autism.
The site is available in many languages.

Nutrition Care Process for Children with Autism
Nutrition Care for Children
Find books, webinars address nutrition treatment priorities for kids with autism. Learn about the special diet options, how to keep special diets safe and effective, how to overcome obstacles in transitioning to special diets, and the role of supplemental amino acids. Information on insurance coverage for the nutrition/special diets piece of the autism puzzle.

Nutritional Therapies and Autism
The Healing Center Online
Forum on Alternative and Innovative Therapies for Children with Developmental Delays, Brain Injury, and Related Neurometabolic Conditions and Disorders, and discusses causal link between vaccines and autism.

Why My Child is on a Special Diet
Autism Research Institute
Information on results in following a gluten and casein free diet with supporting scientific studies listed.


Cerebral palsy

Growth and Nutrition Disorders in Children with Cerebral Palsy [Article]
Michelle N. Kuperminc and Richard D. Stevenson
Dev Disabil Res Rev. 2008 ; 14(2): 137–146.

Nutrition and Diet Plan Counseling
How can child benefits from the advice of a dietitian and help of speech therapist.

United Cerebral Palsy
Includes list of resources that provide information about nutrition and disabilities.

Nutritional Assessment and Intervention in Cerebral Palsy [Article]
Wendy Wittenbrook
Practical Gastroenterology, February, 2011; 32(2):16+


Down Syndrome

Down Syndrome and Nutrition
The National Center on Physical Activity and Disability (NCPAD)
This section of the NCPAD site addresses nutritional needs and guidelines, common health concerns related to DS, and food choices and preparation.

Gluten Free: Could solve a lot of issues
Family Ideas Network for Down Syndrome

Nutritional Healing
This site, from integrative nutritionist Blake Graham, director of Nutritional Healing in Perth, Australia, discusses the treatment of Down Syndrome with vitamins, minerals and hormones.


Dietary Therapy
United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation

Ketogenic Diet for Treatment of Seizures
Gillette Children’s Special Care

Nutrition for Mitochondrial Disease Patients
MITO Action

Spina Bifida Association
Discusses ways to manage weight for individuals who have spina bifida in regards to nutrition and exercise.