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Information Connections
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Information Connections, a website for parents of children with developmental disabilities and chronic diseases was launched in April 2011. The informative website was developed by the Marianjoy Medical Library with funding from the National Library of Medicine. It is a collaborative effort led by Nalini Mahajan, Marianjoy Medical Library Director and Webmaster, Dr. Mary Keen, Director of the Marianjoy Pediatric Program, with input from the parents of children affected by developmental disabilities.

Ms. Mahajan helped secure funding to initiate Information Connections. “It is a very important first step to give parents and consumers the information they need. When parents and family members are fully informed, they are able to make better choices and are more prepared to anticipate the needs of their child. Having access to reliable, high-quality health information and local resources can also provide emotional support to families, especially during stressful times.”

The website serves as an information portal to resources and websites with a special focus on autism, cerebral palsy, ADHD, Down syndrome, and traumatic brain injury, among others. “Easy access will simplify and enhance parent’s abilities to gather accurate information about developmental problems. This project will also empower the Marianjoy Pediatric Team who works with Dr. Keen to facilitate family’s access to information,” notes Mahajan. “It is envisioned that through the newly created Information Connections website thousands of families, health care providers, colleges and universities, schools, libraries, hospitals will have access to valuable resources and accurate clinical information at points of care or at home.”

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